Top Quality Products For Top-Notch service.

Appearance Is Important

At Signature, we recognize the value of appearance and the importance of keeping that appearance for an extended period. We deliver the most current techniques and highest quality products with the most experienced staff in the industry. This allows us to provide the best application and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Curtain Walls and Alucabon Panels

While most exterior enamels and urethane products only last 2-5 years, we use the best products: PPG Coraflon and Matthews and Tnemec paint, which all come with a 10-year warranty from our distributors.

We will evaluate the substructure that requires painting. We will clean it, Bondo, sand down using orbital sanders, prime, and paint. We have worked in many new construction facilities to refinish the damaged mullions and sills after installation from the construction phase.


Certifications And Safety

Our staff is highly trained in the latest techniques and most up-to-date safety requirements. We are also scaffold certified and can rig our own jobs on the exterior of buildings as well as perform work on the interior curtain wall.

In addition to some of our most recent showcased work pictured below, we have also just completed the following projects:

  • Group 960

    World Financial Center Hub - Certified PPG Warranty by Creative Colors

  • Group 960

    John Piccone: Avenue V Pump Station - Certified Tnemec Warranty

  • Group 960

    John Piccone: Manhattan Grit Chamber - Certified Matthews Paint

  • Group 960

    Lend Lease: Long Island Jewish Center - Certified PPG Warranty by Creative Colors

Our Associations

We serve clients in every industry with superior restoration services for wood, marble, stone, metal, doors, facades, and more. Our commitment to quality services in a timely manner gives us a reputation that's hard to beat.

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